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Orange Checkered Harness Set

Regular price $65.99 USD
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Set comes with: 

Harness- Round metal ring in the front and a D-ring in the back.  Three-point adjustment.  Breathable mesh lining.  White plastic buckles.  Fun and vibrant prints. 

Collar- D-ring and plastic buckle with logo.  Fun and vibrant print.  Adjustable.  Soft, comfort lining. 

Leash- Comfort lined handle.  D-ring for the poop bag.   Metal swivel hook.  Colorful nylon material.  

Poop Bag Holder- Nylon printed material.  Soft fabric with a rubber opening for the poop bags to dispense.  Metal clip to hook to the leash and a metal zipper. 


All products should be hand washed and lay flat to dry.  Do not iron or put in the dryer.  

Do not leave pet unattended while wearing the product for potential chocking hazards. 

Ensure the harness and collar are a proper fit for your pet.  You need to leave room for fluff.  Make sure you can fit two fingers in between the neck.