About Me

Sewing, designing, and getting to see cute pups in adorable outfits, what could be a better career choice than that?! Nothing!  I started sewing at a young age and have always had a creative mind. So, when I discovered I was pregnant with my third baby, my husband and I had a discuss about wither or not turning my "hobby business" into my sole income and new career venture, I was nervous.

I decided to take the jump.  Full-time stay at home by day and full-time business owner at night.  Long days, sleepless nights, but seeing this business grow is so rewarding.
I am so blessed to have customers like you who support my small shop and show me lots of love. I never thought giving up my career in education could happen and then when it did, I was so nervous it wouldn't last.  Thankfully I have the love and support from all of you to keep my business going. 
I create everything myself, with the help of my daughter, and my items are limited quantity to create that “one of a kind” feeling. I create designs that I want my dogs to wear and take pride in all of my work.
I have recently started to outsource for products, such as my walk sets.  I purchase license agreements from other small business owners to help their business thrive as well! 
I try my best to find unique prints and comfortable fabrics. I love the stretch knits and bullet prints the best. I have even started to design some of the prints myself and have so much fun doing so. I am always open to custom ideas for holidays and special occasions, so just reach out. I would love to work with you on a project.

Thank you for believing in my business and cheering me on! Love you all!
- Felicia