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Fabiana’s Creation Necklace

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Handmade dog necklace for your furry friend or for you! Kids can wear them too. 

Fabiana’s Description: “These are definitely awesome for your pets.  We have all the colors and sizes.” 


16mm wooden beads on para cord and pop closures.  These features make it safe for all day use, while supervised! Wooden beads are safe if chewed (but don’t let them do that) and the pop closures make it safe if they get caught on something, it will pull from their neck.  

hand wash with soap and water when needed.  

Sizing: recommend you size up 2-3 inches for a basic collar style fit. If you want it to hand long, size accordingly.  There are no exchanges or refunds on this product. 

safety warning: please do not leave pet or child unattended with product. Small pieces pose a choking hazard and long cord can cause strangulation if caught on something.  

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